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ALIMbot Concept

Mohammed Faizul Wahid, 17, June 2002
Revisited 12 August 2003

The concept of ALIMbot is not very different from that of the already existing chatbots. However ALIMBot tries to give more attention to develop an effective Chatbot-User Interaction. For this the following two major tasks need to be accomplished.

  1. WHAT TO SAY. The main aim of conversing with a human requires the minimum use of non sequitur (a statement that does not logically follow from the statement or context that preceded it). For this ALIMbot measures the Relevance Level for a particular case and that having the highest relevance is the ultimate response to the user input. This is what is followed in the Case-Based Reasoning employed in ALICE.

  2. HOW TO SAY. The first task is an important task. Since long many techniques are being used to develop a chatbot which could think and respond like humans do. The achievement in this case is appreciable but not sufficient to tag each chatbot output  as a (particular) human(s) response. However the efforts are turning the chatbot output into more human-like response.  Along with this achievement a second task needs attention. This task is to present the output of the chatbot in a more effective (more humanistic) way to the user. This includes the use of other human senses like sound (through voice response), touch (haptic) and smell (very difficult).

    Another interesting way to represent the human feelings in the text output of the chatbot. Words representing Anger or importance can be written in capitals while joy can be represented in a multicolor output. Thus HOW TO SAY is a question which this project tries to answer.

The ALIMbot's development would try to attend to both the tasks for creating a more humanistic chatbot which would try to answer and converse with a human user effectively. The second task still seems to be far away!!

Documentation ALIMbot by Mohammed Faizul Wahid