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ALIMbot Memory Capsule (AMC) file information

DATE: 6/24/2002
Build: 1

An AMC file consists of a data on a particular topic. This is needed for generating response for the user based on a particular query. 

Format of an AMC file

The following keytags in an AMC file are presently activated.

Example: Consider the the HUMOR.AMC file

It contains information which is funny and humorous. So the main topic is HUMOROUS. and the subtopic may be a

Thus such information can be placed in the [keywordsearch] tag as

Linking an AMC file from DATA.DAT file

(Note: All AMC files MUST be placed in the "AMC" folder within the folder in which the ALIMbot application is running)

To link an AMC file from data.dat follow the procedure below,

  1. First write a pattern to be matched for activating the keyword search in an AMC file. This can be done as is in the DATA.DAT file format using the keytags.

    Eg. [keywordlist:jokes|on,can|tell|joke|on,say|joke|on,funny|about,humor,humour,jokes,joke]

  2. The keytag must be followed by the following tag without any empty lines in between

    in general (keywordlookupin:FILEPATH|KEYWORDSEARCHTAG)

    the FILEPATH of the AMC file must be relative from the folder in which the ALIMbot Engine runs.

Documentation ALIMbot by Mohammed Faizul Wahid