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ALIMbot ActiveX Control Specifications

UPDATE: 06th December 2003

Important Note

ALIMbot consists of two important parts.

  1. The ALIMbot Engine which is in executable form, and 
  2. The Data files of ALIMbot in ASCII following a particular format similar to that of an INI or INF file.
  3. Important Notes

ALIMbot Engine

TYPE: ActiveX Control 

The latest ALIMbot Engine can be DOWNLOADED from here.

The ALIMbot Engine comes as an Win32 executable. It incorporates certain features which are needed for CLEAR understanding of the user input and EFFECTIVE communication of the bot output.

Pre-processing of user input

Processing of user input for response

To obtain a suitable response to the user input depending on the context of previous conversation and also independent analysis.

Post-processing of user input

ALIMbot Database

ALIMbot uses a database similar to that of ELIZA's BRAIN by Phillip Massyn incorporating few but significant changes. The altered database format is easy to understand. The memory/brain of ALIMbot utilizes the following files,

Filename Necessity Description
DATA.DAT REQUIRED For basic conversational ability. 
OPTION.TMP Generated by the program when required. Stores the available answers for the previous user input. Is created for every user input.
ALIMbot Memory Capsules OPTIONAL files for improved interaction. Stores data on any particular topic. Have to be linked in the DATA.DAT file.
REQUIRED if AMC files have been added and linked from data.dat. Stores keyword information for generating a relevant query from the user input. 
TRACE FILE (trace.log)
LOG FILE (chat.log)
DEAD FILE (dead.log)
REQUIRED. generated by program if not already available. But IF you face any problem running the ALIMbot exe make sure that you create these files manually. All these files if created manually must be empty. Trace File contains the details about relevance, user input, bot output and keytag section from which the bot output was obtained.

Log File contains the CURRENT chat transcript. It will be deleted if a user is changed or ALIMbot is closed. The contents of Log File are written to the Dead File. Hence, Dead file contains the previous chat transcript before the current one.


Important Notes

Documentation ALIMbot by Mohammed Faizul Wahid