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Version Information

New ALIMbot ActiveX Control version 1.0 Released!

Post-Conversion to ActiveX Control
Version 1.0 with the following Updates
- more contractions added
- new command DOAGAIN, SAVE added
- new MEM file introduced. Will be used to store user specific information in keytags.
- Added new plugin %s by way of which the subject of the current user input can be obtained.
- Added another plugin %m for inserting the matched string in the sentence.
- Added plugin %li and %lr for inserting last input and the last bot response respectively.
- keywordstart bug removed


New to version 1.2
- Removed a Bug in the [keywordlistorder] processing.
- Addition of %c variable
- ALIMbot now understands and runs commands to start applications like wordpad, paint etc
- More data added to data.dat
- Size of Readme.txt increases by 2K

Between version 1.0 and version 1.2
- ALIMbot discards most punctuation marks and special characters from user input
- ALIMbot removes multiple whitespaces between words in user input
- ALIMbot Replaces abbreviated chat keywords like "u" to "you" etc
- Improved relevance level allotment to each matched pattern
- Creation of AMC file processing through data.dat
- Minor additions and changes

Documentation ALIMbot by Mohammed Faizul Wahid