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What is this?

If you are a student applying to US for Fall 2003 in US, Canada or Europe for graduate education in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering or Computer Science, then we are offering you a simple service. Send us your profile by filling up this simple form and we will give you the following information for a small charge,

Hey, do you think I can't search for universities myself?

No. Actually we consider that the best choice of the university can be made only by the student who is applying. In fact this is the main reason behind starting the service. To save your time and let you research lesser options from the available plenty.

Most of the students attending private institutions for GRE training do not understand the fact that these institutions only select universities for you based on your GRE Score and the records of their own previous students. They do not consider your research interests when selecting universities for you. Isn't it wrong?

What do you charge for this service?

We charge only a fraction of the total money your would be spending on your applications.

2 USD or Rs. 100 for US Universities
4 USD or Rs. 200 for European Universities