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The best from my own software

This is a small collection of the software that I have developed for my personal use. Most of the software are free for all and if you like any of them do drop in an email to me.

  • ASP Scripts Flogin (at
  • UCE/Spam Remover (VB6) - UCE/Spam Remover Software can delete the mails satisfying the defined filters directly from the POP3 server without downloading.
  • ALIMbot (VB6)- ALIMbot is an Artificially Intelligent chatbot that tries to effectively react to the user input. It will not only decide What to say? but also How to say?. (Available as an ActiveX Control) 
  • My Yahoo! style Personalization Script : MOD in ASP- Add-On written for Snitz Forums . Kenno has continued modifying this MOD at his website
  • Notes Manager (in VB5/6), edits ASCII notes using flat file databases, text2html. maintains my notes. This was supposed to be a lightweight solution to manage my notes hence I do not wish to implement a lot of features in it. Just the necessary ones!
  • Kaleidoscopic Simulation of Random Patterns (in C)- A simple and effective graphics implementation of random patterns using the random() function in C.

Copyright 2003 Mohammed Faizul Wahid.