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UCE/Spam Remover Software

The fact that the earth is made of matter--discrete quanta of Spam-- explains everything about the earth, from its structure to the mechanisms of continental drift and sea floor spreading. If you leave the contents of a can of Spam on your counter for a few days, it will automatically form a crust--much like the earth's! Soon, this crust will form cracks, just like the mid-Atlantic ridge on our own planet, and things will begin to grow on it--just like the development of life on earth, only with greater speed, owing to the fact that the earth is somewhat larger than most cans of Spam. Even the growth of the higher animals will be simulated in this Spam microcosm, through the process of Spontaneous Maggot Materialization (patent pending)!

Source - Unknown (I know this is not the meaning of Spam, but after all that is what Spam is!!)

But the real thing is that Unsolicited Commercial Emails (UCE) and other Spam are un-invited emails from unknown sources and they REALLY make a person's life miserable.

For those who have POP3 Email Accounts my small contribution to strengthen CAUCE (Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Emails) is the UCE/Spam Remover.


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Mohammed Faizul Wahid, 2002