Flogin! Readme

Release Version 1.1
Last Revised 19, September 2003
Copyright (C) Mohammed Faizul Wahid, 2003
Comments/Suggestions can be mailed to faiz_wahid@yahoo.com
Available online at https://faizulwahid.tripod.com/Flogin

Flogin! is an ASP script which can control access to web pages. Just include flogin.asp in your page and the content after the include would be protected from unauthorized users. It is a simple ASP login script mainly to differentiate between an administrator and other users. It uses the Session Variable to restrict users to access pages which you wish to protect. The access username and password can be simply changed by editing the flogin.asp script variables "fUName" and "fPWord".

Version 1.1 Now supports multiple user authentication.

Test login username "admin" and password "admin".

Download Version 1.1!

Download Version 1.0!