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ALIMbot Introduction

News for Developers: ALIMbot source code is now available under the GNU, General Public License.

I have converted the ALIMbot Engine into a ActiveX Control which can be embedded in any Win32 application supporting ActiveX technology. ALIMbot ActiveX Control available in the downloads page. 

New! ALIMbot can now be programmed to SAVE specific user inputs and return them later down the conversation. A separate memory file for each user is maintained.


ALIMbot is my hobby project written in Visual Basic 6.0. ALIM, in Classical Arabic, means the one who has knowledge. 

ALIMbot find's a place in the 'Complex Chatterbots' section of The Simon Laven's Page.

ALIMbot is an Artificially Intelligent chatbot that tries to effectively react to the user input. It will not only decide What to say? but also How to say?. The responses are more or less relevant to the user input depending upon the context, memorization of ALIMbot and other logical interpretations made by it.

A snapshot of the ALIMbot v1.2 interface application (pre-ActiveX Conversion)

More importance is given to effectively represent the bot's output to it's user. To know more on this we will go to ALIMbot's Concept page.

ALIMbot derives it's identity from the first well-known classical chatbot ELIZA, designed by computer scientist Joseph Weizenbaum of MIT and released in 1966. ALIMbot uses a data file format as does ELIZA's BRAIN by Phillip Massyn incorporating few but significant changes.

Documentation ALIMbot by Mohammed Faizul Wahid