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Notes Manager (Freeware) by Faiz

Download Size : 18 KB
Information Text : nmreadme.txt
Paltform : Windows 95/98/Me/2000/NT
Developed in MS Visual Basic

Features ( Version 1.2 )
  • Simple design and small package (18Kb Download)
  • Low Memory Usage
  • Can handle text of any size
  • Text 2 HTML Conversion ( Already Implemented, but being improvised)
  • Easy Back-up of data possible
  • Notes Listed by Title and Date. Hence, easy to refer
  • Above all its free. :-)
Whenever you come across some good text material when browsing online or in some email or in short anywhere on your PC you store it in a text file. You might have seen how hard it becomes to find the file for future reference. Notes Manager Freeware solves the program by storing your text data and displaying a list of headers for easy future reference. 

The data is stored in a single text file as records and hence becomes easier to use. It does not keep the whole big data file in memory. So, no extra use of your precious RAM. Now, It could not be any easier for you to take notes while you are online or offline.

It is a simple design and does not offer any protection to your data. However if you are looking for something more secure you can find many software on the web but at a price! (Hint Hint!!)

Notes Manager Freeware v1.2 Download Now!
Open the .zip archive and read the nmreadme.txt file.

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